July 4, 2007

The 7th Year MEET

One of my longest trip away from home, was 4 weeks away in Macau. Nope I didn't go there to gamble... I went there for a mission trip with 8 other people in a team.

M.E.E.T. - Missions Education and Exposure Training
The 9-month programme aims to educate tertiary students about God's work in cross-cultural missions and at the end of the trip, to be exposed to a 3-4 week trip to a country (mostly) in Asia. For me, I was assigned to Macau!

Those of us who met last night... (Pregger L was not in the photo)

A and J who were not with us last night. This was taken at HL's wedding like 3-4 years ago!

It was 7 years since I last went for the trip. Last evening, majority of our team (together with 3 out of 4 of our team supervisors) met up for dinner. Yes it was 7 years since the entire team met. During the 7 years, 2 out of 9 of us were married (now there are 3.5 kids amongst the 2... i.e. 1 is pregnant with 2nd kid), 3 of us will be married soon (by 2008). Of the 13 (9 team members + 4 supervisors), 2 of us are leaving the country for long time - 1 to overseas mission to far away country, the other 1 migrating to another country (that's me :p).

It was really nice to catch up with each other and find out where each of us are in our lives. Our conclusion? Most (if not all) of us did not quite change at all! Some change slightly in our physical appearances. Most of our personalities did not change... or perhaps the meeting was too short to be able to tell.

To me, I think the most important thing (and my prayer) that all of us would continue to abide by God, to walk faithfully in trust and obedience to Him in our lives, wherever in the world and whatever stage of life we will be in. Macows, let us keep in touch and keep each other in prayer okay? :)

Here are some old photos of which I actually have the soft copies in my computer! (In those days, we took film photos) These were taken 7 years ago...

The team being sent off at the airport

A day's outing at St Paul's ruins with pastor's family and church staff

In the church kitchen with the kids and ... (I think his name is KS)

3 other thoughts:

Anonymous said...

re: pic with kids
his name is ZhanMoh ;)


Ms Krong said...

hey island... i spotted someone i think i know - leech!

island said...

sg's really small... he was the sup of my team ;)

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