June 29, 2007

Here Is My Name Card.... ??!!

My name card now says "Name: Ms xxx. Title: Idle Expert. Company: My Home." My last name card expired almost a month ago. Although I am not working now, there are other things that keeps me busy and I am enjoying it... :)

I had dinner with a few of my college mates tonight, out of which 2 of them are my closest girl friends. Other than the 2 of them, I am not quite in contact with the rest. We had a good time to catch up with each other, get to know each other's 'other halves' over great Italian gourmet food. I am glad to see a few of whom I had fun, worked and served as a student leader in the Student's Council. This was the name cards of some of them...

1. Head of branding department at a big publishing company.
2. Hubby of 1 is a boss of a happening chain of local ice cream joints.
3. BF of 1 is the chief head of a big time local vehicle company.
4. 1 is a psychologist.
5. Found out that one of my college classmate is managing/heading a foreign group which owns 3 villa resorts in one of the nearby tourist island.
6. 1 being a consultant to a company that acquires and merges other companies.
7. 1 being a Marcom Manager of a local gourmet restaurant chain.

Yeah I do kinda feel a bit out of place... at moments we had conversations that I am not used to in that gourmet restaurant setting. I mean I didn't know what "truffles" were (other than the chocolate ones I have eaten). Okay I was like a country bumpkin, not knowing what that was until I tried it. The chef came to our table and personally gave us a generous serving of black truffles onto our main course. And my... it tasted very well with beef steak!! (Tried some from my friend because I had pasta) Even so, my pasta tasted better with the truffles garnishing too!

It seemed like many of my college peers my age had made it big time out there in the society... while I am hardly progressing... Do I regret? Yeah I was tempted to, but no, I don't. I really don't. I think I prefer my simplier lifestyle and shall not covet otherwise. Doesn't matter if I don't have truffles garnishing, caviar as appetizer or foie gras and the like. What is most important to me is God and my loved ones around me. With that, I am contented. And I shall continue to learn contentment, for it is so easy for anyone to be tempted to covet and desire after wealth and things on this earth. Do I pursue heavenly eternal riches or earthly temporal riches? Do I prefer to be fed with solid spiritual food or food that is yummy to eat and later gets digested out (pardon me for the illustration)?

Thank God for making me who I am and I am happy even though I am not a 'big-timer' in the society. I just wish to be a 'big-timer' to God my Father, my (future) loving husband and my (future) lovable children. I think that is enough and I pray I will remain contented in this manner... and looking forward to gain the riches promised in heaven.

[Postscript] However I do admit that I was the one that wished/hoped for an engagement ring of solitaire diamond as supposed to cubic zirconia. Maybe diamonds are just girl's best friends... well I know that was just a marketing tag line. Yeah I do have a soft spot for the glittering gem. Partly it was also a little girl's dream of her prince charming proposing to her with a solitaire diamond ring.... Ok I know I am a sinner... but but... I have also asked and is satisfied with a small carat stone ;p ok ok I know that I can't bring that one with me to heaven... :p

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