January 18, 2007

Park in the City

The postcard-like photo

This is NOT the Botanic Gardens in Singapore. This is the Hyde Park in Sydney (not in London). I have been to Sydney 4 times and on my 3rd trip there in 2003, I visited Hyde Park for the first time. These photos were compliments from J's camera then... mine didn't turn out so good...

During my last trip there in last August, I heard that the authorities are going to cut down the trees in the park. I can't remember what was the reason they are doing it. But surely the park will look pretty different without the original trees... they have been there for years! 1 or 2 paths in the park look pretty much 'romantic' with the lights, trees and benches along the sides. But no, I did not pak tor (hokkien for dating) there :p

Fountain at Hyde Park (this was at sunset time)

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