January 19, 2007

Medical? Food? Blog

Spots emailed some of us to tell us of an interesting local food blog - I eat, I shoot, I post (ieat). Boy! The blog has lots of food recommendations! It is like a makansutra itself! What I like about ieat is that the photos are very nicely taken and makes the food looks really appetizing. Most (if not all) of the food recommendations are for local Singaporean food and there is an index for the type of food! E.g. if you have a craving for chicken rice, just look under the "Chicken Rice" section and there you go - 7 different recommendations and they all come with addresses and ratings!!

Spots said that ieat's entry on ice-cream reminded her of my entry on ice-cream ;p

What is most interesting is that I realised that ieat's author is a doctor (itreat) and (seems like) a Christian. He owns a GP clinic at Tampines. Reading itreat's blog, it is the kind of family GP clinic you would want to go to. I think there are very few GPs as such around these days... read their clinic introduction here. This is the first clinic blog I have come across... Cool!!

Well the clinic is too far away for me to go to. Besides, I have free medical consultations where I work ;)

1 other thoughts:

Ms Krong said...

i like the pictures in the food blog! everything looks so yummy!!!
- eeyuing

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