December 10, 2006

Girls and Dim Sum

J was in town for 2 weeks. We caught up last Thursday night. Was originally planning for a movie but ended up doing the girls' thing - eat, chat and shop!

Alas I step foot into Vivocity! I had refused to go there when it first opened in October, simply because I knew it would be very crowded. After all, there's nothing much in Singapore. So whenever a huge shopping mall as such open its doors, thousands would flock there. Had planned to only visit later this month when my visitor arrives but thought would venture this place with J first.

Vivocity is huge! Repeat after me "hugggeee
!" My feet were tired out from the shopping and we did not manage to conquer most parts. Blame it on us having a late dinner and thus less time to walk around. Maybe I've not shopped in Singapore (and with a girl) for some time, venturing around in the shops, looking at cutzy stuff and all, was quite a nice experience. I find that shopping myself, shopping with a guy and shopping with a girl - they are all different kind of experiences and feelings... I shall reserve my comments on which is best ;)

After looking at the list of food places for dinner with rumbling tummies, we finally stomped into "Food Republic". The first branch of Food Republic is at Wisma Atria. This one at Vivo is the second branch. Walking around all the stalls, J and I were at a loss of what to eat. All the local food were tempting, especially for J who has not had Singapore local delights for some time. But being women, we finally decided on our first choice - dim sum!

For the sake of J's hubby, I decided to post up the couple of photos I had taken.

Dim sum 点心 spread for 2 persons

An artistic attempt at my favourite dishes

Photos of the crowd surrounding our table

The spread of dim sum we had cost us S$17+. I am so thankful that we can get affordable and yummy dim sum dishes here. I remembered the last recent time I had dim sum was at a midnight yum cha place in Brisbane. Went there for supper and had only 3 dishes - chicken porridge, har kou (shrimp dumpling) and some deep fried crispy yam balls, all for A$11+! I had no complaints on the quality though...

Back to the original content, so J and I had a great time at Vivo. We want to go back again to walk and shop. I would like to go back in the day time, hopefully just before sunset, to see the sky garden. It has a beautiful view of Sentosa and a nice big pond with arty features. Would want to take some nice photos there. Also want to visit the GV theatres for the bigger-than-usual seats! But I will avoid the weekend crowds... Hmm, I'm beginning to like Vivo a little bit better ;p

3 other thoughts:

Ms Krong said...

wooooo! the dim sum looks good! :-)

Anonymous said...

喂, don't forget the 油条 in the midnight yum cha lineup ;)

island said...

oops! a correction for the midnight yum cha. it should read "4 dishes - chicken porridge, har kou (shrimp dumpling), deep fried crispy yam balls AND 油条 (deep fried dough fritters) to go with the porridge, all for A$11+!"

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