December 7, 2006

Communication with Home Appliances

I have an old friend of 12 years. Once in a while, we would keep in touch via sms. Yesterday I thought I will drop L an email to say Hi and this was the reply I got from him.


You have reached L's refrigerator. My master is so busy that he has configured his home appliances to sort through his emails so that he will answer only the really important ones while those from people he dislikes gets answered by appliances like myself. Unfortunately, you are one of the people that he apparently dislikes.

If you think this is in error, please send an email again to this email address to correct this mistake. If you are truly a friend, L will respond personally to your email. Otherwise, the toaster, who is on shift tomorrow, will reply your mail and you will then truly know where you stand in L's book of friends.


I had to compose myself not to burst out laughing when I read this in my office. I shall email L's toaster to let it know that its master deserves to be scolded by me for listing me down the line in his book of friends.

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