November 12, 2006

Joy of Cooking

Parents have gone to Genting. They will be back tonight. Didn't feel like hanging out and wanted to idle around at home, decided to come home after church and lunch. DG went Sushi Teh for lunch. I was craving for sake sashimi and plus I have 20% discount (Sushi Teh JCB card + birthday month special) and a $10 voucher, we had savings of close to $30!! M's curry soba took a long time to come... made me remember that I had some japanese curry paste left over at home. So for dinner, I cooked myself japanese curry noodles!! Yum! :)

Bought this at Isetan supermarket. Along with some carrots and chicken sausage (couldn't find any other chicken at home), the curry was easy to cook. Once the curry is cooked, add them onto a bowl of noodles (cooked beforehand) and wahla! Japanese curry noodles!!

Some weeks back, over the Deepavali weekend... I invited my co-DG leaders and their spouses over to my place for lunch. Since it was the pumpkin season, I thought of cooking pumpkin chicken risotto. The receipe was taken from the "Good Taste" recipe magazine I bought from Woolsworth supermarket in Brisbane. Looks simple enough so thought of giving it a try.

For starters, I made my famous egg mayo to go with Japanese rice crackers. With that bit of parsley as garnish, it looks really appetitizing! CS once taught me how to make spinach salad that has balsamic vinegar and olive oil as dressing. Salads are always easy to make and healthy to eat. Am so glad that my 'experiment' turned out pretty well... except that the pumpkin was a bit over baked and some turned slightly black (but the pumpkin was still soft and sweet)... and because I used Australian organic brown rice instead of risotto, it had took a little longer time than expected to be cooked in the oven.

Well lessons learnt and I'm sure I'll do a better job at my next attempt. One facinating thing which I discovered - butternut pumpkin (from Australia) only has seeds at the bottom (instead of across the... fruit? vegetable?)! This was an interesting discovery for me and my 80-year-old grandma who was helping me prepare the ingredients that morning.

When shall be the next time the cooking urge strike?? ;)

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