November 11, 2006

Guaranteed Seat

My office is like my second home. I have accumulated so much of my belongings kept in my office! As I was sorting through some things, I picked up 6 CDRs - these were photos, songs and videos which either I have taken or my friends have taken and given them to me. One of them is a video recording of my baptism...

I first accepted Christ in 1988 when I was a little girl. My parents being non-believers, did not allow me to go to church until I was 19. Even though I grew older and I could choose to be baptised by myself, I wanted my parents' approval and blessings. I went for membership class in 2000. I sounded my mum out then but she was not totally approval of my decision. To her, baptism would mean that I am 'officially' a Christian. It was difficult to explain to her that I have already accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour and that already makes me a Christian. Baptism does not make me more 'christian'. It is an act that I publicly declare that I am a child of God and affirming my salvation through Jesus Christ's sacrifice for me.

It was Sunday 11 July 2004, exactly 28 months ago. It was like my '2nd' birthday other than my actual birthday this month. Although my parents were not present in church to witness my baptism, I was very thankful that I had their blessings and approval to be baptised. This means that after the many years, they have acknowledged me, their child, a Christian. I thank God for His timing. For through the years, although they don't say anything about my Christian faith, their acceptance to me was shown in their deeds and actions. Simple things like sending me to church sometimes, even asking me why I wasn't going church on Sundays (sometimes I go for Saturday service then), meeting my Christian friends. Mum was concerned that I have to marry a Christian man when I become a 'real' Christian. That meant my choices were limited. Well at least that showed that she had a good understanding that I should not be marrying a non-believer. But of course my limited choices of marriage partner does not stop me from 'restricting' myself by becoming a Christian. I look forward to that eventual marriage - between Christ and the church. Well I guess partly because of that, mum does not really disapprove of W.

I don't have photos of my baptism. This was the prayer that Pastor C said for me as he scooped some water onto my head...

[my name], I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May you continue to walk in this newness of life, day by day, in fellowship and partnership with God’s people. Be a faithful child of God, fearing no one but trusting completely in our Heavenly Father to provide this day, everyday, as you live a life that is holy, sharing Him with family and friends. We ask this in His mighty name, for His glory. Amen.

Thank God for WK who kindly videoed my baptism down for me. I didn't even asked him to do so! Having this 'evidence' reminded me of the decision that I have made, and to encourage me that I am His precious child. I must continue to strive to be faithful to God and trust Him completely and to live a holy life that is pleasing to Him. My seat is guaranteed in heaven because of Jesus Christ :)

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