September 19, 2006

Go East!

Hey all,

let's hope today's downpour will clear the skies for tmrw's Car Rally!

There are about 19 participants from all 3 groups - Waterside, Still Fishing and Mose Malone's. If you hav friends who are interested, can still bring them in cos we have more than enough car space to go around!

Our Starting Point: Carpark at Kallang McDonald
s (see attached map!)
Meeting Time: 2pm
Racing hours: 2pm - 5.30pm, and dinner th
We've got 2 designated drivers from StillFishing: island
& CL

Non-drivers will not be sitting pretty c
os you'll be reading maps, navigating the roads and pulling your hair out trying to decipher our cryptic clues. :

Do come armed with your street directories and cameras (with sufficient memory space & battery life)... you'll be
required to take photos of the checkpoints as proof you've actually been there!

There will be a top prize for the first c
ar in, and we're not talking about Twisties-type spoils that you can divide amongst yourselves.. .

e drive carefully... .be safe, not sorry!!

See you all speed demons!!

vroom vroom,
It was "Go East" for a 'Westerner' like me. Last Saturday, 3 DGs from the east of Singapore gathered on a warm yet nice afternoon for a time of fun and fellowship... and oh! the food of course ;)

Leaders of the 3 DGs - L, N and M had planned this car rally and came up with the clues, questions and even the winning prize! The winning team walked away with a restaurant dining voucher for 4 persons. I was teamed with 3 other girls from different DGs. Being the driver, my main role is to drive us around safely to the various locations so that we can collect our answers from the destination and to snap a photo of the venue as proof that we have been there. The time limit was 3.5 hours but my team took 3 hours and 45 minutes covering 12 out of the 13 places. The winning team was really good. They covered 13 places in 2 hours and 45 minutes and including some time for pies at the pie shop in Siglap!! How did they manage to do that? Well, its ok that my team didn't win. I enjoyed the fellowship and the fun we had. We spent some time in Joo Chiat area searching for our locations... I think after this, I surely got to know the east quite a bit more. But with all the driving, the excitement, the brain juices put to work, I was really tired by the time we finished.

Here are the clues for you to attempt for yourselves. I decided not to include the answers and the photos to the places. If any of you would like answers to the clues, you may leave your email address for me to email you ;)

Clue 1: You won’t find no dead Indians and Chinese here in this part of Siglap.
Who is the famous doctor who resides here permanently? (Hint: check with the only living soul there)

Clue 2: This low-lying district 15 estate has a pie shop and a primary school and floods when it rains.
Name six streets in this estate that have something to do with... the Opera!

Clue 3: Ang Moh store that makes the clouds swallow face in Tembeling Road
Who is feature on the article 'I Love my Crabs' pasted on the stall?

Clue 4: Pertama Laksa mana?
Find not the First Admiral but the address of the signboarded Original Katong Laksa stall.

Clue 5: Get your spring rolls at Quynh Giao Quan An Viet Nam (Hint: Little Miss Saigons brought media attention to this old heritage-rich neighbourhood a few years back)
What does the shop next to this eatery sell?

Clue 6: Cannons in a fortified Fort once faced the sea here... nowadays, people just bring their doggies here to run.
Look for a sign that will tell you what the word 'Katong' means.

Clue 7: Originally named Shiang Kai Sek Secondary School, this very 'cheena' school boasts of green temple roofs and its over own lake.
How many arches are there at the main entrance?

Clue 8: Where Taleban fighters would flock to for meals in Tampines.
How many kiddy rides are there outside this location and what is the colour of the elephant?

Clue 9: Also know as OCH, it is reputedly the most haunted place in Singapore. Sealand will get you there. Don't miss 203SQN.
How many staff lots do these old grounds have?

Clue 10: A fellow Synod brother worships in this church where 8 Fowls roams freely.
When are their prayer meetings held?

Clue 11: Lonely Planeteers! Chew your betels at this hostel in Joo Chiat and wash it down with a Slurpee next door.
How many fingers does each mascot have?

Clue 12: Where budgies go 'cheap cheap' when they take flight.
Which companies operate there?

Final Clue: Meet at the Corner which serves iced cold beer from the world over. Charlie runs this joint in this far eastern spot near where transgendered denizens of the night hang out.

Announcing the answers.... (drum roll...)

Prize presentation to the winning team - Meal voucher at Alfredo's Restaurant!

Kudos to the leaders for organising this eastern journey. Anyone wants to help me organise a "Go West"?

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