September 24, 2006

Cultural Afternoon

7 of us in the DG went to Thailand this afternoon and spent about 2 hours eating and shopping there.

Although I have not been to Thailand personally, a trip down to Golden Mile Complex along Beach Road in Singapore makes one feel like you are in Thailand. Every corner you turn, you will see a Thai and it really seems like you are in Thailand! As we turned into the carpark, we saw cohorts of Thai people (mainly men) sitting around on the ground. They looked like they were just hanging out and chilling out in the covered carpark. They probably came to Singapore to work and would gather in a group together on a Sunday afternoon to chill out and relax.

Lunch was at one of the many eateries in the shopping complex itself. Under M's recommendation, we tried the famous mango salad, papaya salad, sticky rice, grilled chicken (this is yummy!!) and red milk tea. We also had pad thai from another stall. I think this is probably the most authentic pad thai I had in Singapore! The sliced beef we had was extremely spicy! Even the seasoned chilli-lovers amongst us had to drink water to relieve the heat in our mouths!

As we were having lunch, there was some mui thai sparing session just outside the eatery (can't remember the name of the "Beer House" but it was #01-73) we were at. It reminds me of the combat classes I used to go in the gym. Hmm... I do miss the kicks and punches *ouch* and the roundhouse kicks and elbow punches.

Where shopping is concerned, you can also find all sorts of Thai products and food in the complex. But do be careful as some things are cheaper at our regular supermarkets than the Thai supermarket at GMC. Strangely so, I also found quite a variety of Korean snacks, ginseng tea and other food products at the Thai supermarket. M brought us around the complex, as if we are touring in Thailand. The complex is rather old... somewhat reminds me of the older buildings in Chinatown. There were a couple of interesting shops, like the "C&V Marriage Centre" and various many cheap Thai massage palours. If anyone is interested in marrying a Thai woman, I suppose the C&V ("come and visit"???) Marriage Centre can be of some help. Massages can also be as cheap as S$8!! Very interesting places and people there are at GMC. Admittedly this was the first time I stepped into the complex. I had probably walked past the exterior of the building a few times but have not been inside the building.

As if going to Thailand was not enough, some of us adjourned to Kampong Glam for a little stroll amidst the crowd who are there to celebrate the start of Ramadan. We later set foot into Sleepy Sam's and chilled out there. Sleepy Sam's is located at one of the shophouses along Bussorah Pedestrian Mall in Kampong Glam leading to the famous Sultan Mosque. Chatting and laughing away, we concluded the Sunday afternoon with a common wish - that we don't need to go back to work the next day.....

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