July 18, 2006

What Is Love?

Watermelon girl got married over the weekend. She wrote a song for her hubby and sang it at the dinner whilst he played on the guitar.

Hey girl, thank you for your friendship and your love. May both of you grow in love in years as we continue to learn what is love by looking at Jesus Christ.

What is Love
Of the two of us I know
You'd be the kinder one
You'd be the first to take my hand
So I'd never have to run

Of the two of us I'd be
The one who falls apart
I'm scared of what I see in me
And my disobedient heart

So I'm amazed at the promise that you gave
That for all your days
We'll learn together
For better or worse

Oh I'm amazed
As I am after each battle
At your gentle and all forgiving love

Of the two of us we have
A stronger promise yet
God Himself has made us one
Oh this far exceeds our earthly vows

He'll give us everything we need
To live the testimony
That when all our days have come to pass
All creation will be

Amazed at the glory of the Lamb
Christ who broke the sin of men
By the blood He shed

And as He reigns exalted high above
His Word and Spirit teach us what is love

I know that loving can be hard
I know I make you tired
So this I pray with all my heart:
That we'll keep our eyes upon the Cross

Our Lord who bore His Father's wrath
For sinners who crucified Him
Had every right to ask for justice
Yet He cried, forgive

So be amazed, that Christ should love us first
We were lost in selfish anger
When He took on flesh to die on earth

By grace, as He laid gasping on the Cross
God Himself was showing what is love

Jesus Christ our Saviour God is love

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