July 17, 2006

India, Here I Come!

I can't take very much chilli... so I don't really take Malay nor Indian food. I think I only ate mee siam, laksa, bryani, rendang, curry etc at much of a later age. I guess the non-adventurous me doesn't help too.

Part of the package of growing up is getting exposed to other cuisines. Last week, friends brought me to North Indian food at Little India. Despite being a Singaporean, I hardly went to Little India. Only remembered my teachers brought my class there during one of our heritage tours when I was 14. I've not even been to Mustafa (no kidding)!!

Along Serangoon Road at Broadway Hotel, was this 18-year-old Northern Indian Restaurant. It is a small cozy place with authentic North Indian food. I think I have tasted North Indian food before... Years ago, my ex-boyfriend brought me to one at Ngee Ann Shopping Centre. North Indian food is much less spicy than South Indian cuisine. I'm glad that I could enjoy the less spicy food :)

I heard Delhi Restaurant was listed in the Lonely Planet at one time. It has won quite some awards as well. We had the papadom (first helping is free, subsequent helping at $1), mixed grill, fish masala, butter chicken, spinach with cottage cheese, mixed vegetable and a few types of indian bread like naan. The mixed grill and butter chicken are some of its signature dishes... Although some of the grill was a bit spicy, the yoghurt dip helped to ease the heat quite effectively. There is a chinese waiter who was very helpful in recommending dishes and ensuring that we have a good time. This is what I call customer service :) The warmth service was somewhat unexpected in the simple, unassuming place. Uncle says that he will remember us and will recommend other dishes to us when we go back the next time.

Yum yum!! Just be warned that Indian food is generally rich. I was stuffed up with the naan and yummy-licious chicken and spinach with cottage cheese :) Was most satisfied when I rounded up the eveing with a mango lassi (mango yoghurt smoothie) :)

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Carpe Diem - Phil 3:7-16 said...

Hey girl,

If you are trying out Indian food, there's this interesting India restaurant in city hall area I must bring you to. Remind me!

island said...

i dun mind ;) as long as the food's not too spicy....

so when are you dating me?? :p

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