July 29, 2006

Tai Tai Gathering

Have not caught up with V and M for quite some months... We decided to meet up before M goes off to the States and me going off to Australia for a break. I call it a tai tai gathering because the 3 of us usually visit nice places to hang out and usually either of them would recommend a nice place for us to gather and chill out with.

A tai tai (according to the singlish dictionary) is a wealthy woman who does not work but spends her time shopping, meeting friends, etc; a lady if leisu

Don't misunderstand that we are really tai tais. We are far from it... although V and M could potentially be one in future ;) At least for me, I am far from wealthy and not working. If there is such a thing as poor tai tai, I probably fit that better :p

we visited the Marmalade Pantry. I think MP has b
een opened for some time but the sua ku me did not know of such a place. As I search for MP's website, I came across another blogger's entry on his/her encounter with MP.

I only had Summer (banana and strawberry yoghurt milk smoothie) whilst V and M shared a sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream and a cherry tart. I took a bite of the pudding and it was yummy! As I was not hungry, I did not try any other food on the menu. V and M sang much praises of the food as they had been there on a few occasions. I must say that I do quite like the ambience of MP. It was a perfect place for some friends to spend a Saturday afternoon with.

A bird's eye view of MP, situated at the basement of Palais Renaissance

Seats that were directly in front of a shoe boutique. Above the sofa seats, there is a space where you can look through to the shop and there is a mirror panel above the sofa seats

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