August 1, 2006

I Like You, I Like You Not

I like to eat some food, but I don't like some others.

I LIKE strawberry smoothie, strawberry yoghurt, strawberry fruit (when it is sweet).
I DON'T quite LIKE strawberry milk, strawberry milkshake, strawberry ice-cream.

I LIKE sesame seeds in a bun, sesame seeds as garnish on some foods, sesame tang yuan.
I DON'T LIKE sesame paste aka 芝麻糊.

I LIKE durian fruit (but I cannot have too much of it).
I DON'T LIKE durian cakes, durian paste, durian chips.

I LIKE Pistachio nut.
I DON'T LIKE Pistachio ice-cream.

I LIKE mint chocolate, mint tea, mint sweets.
I DON'T LIKE mint ice-cream.

I LIKE cherry fruit, cherry yoghurt, cherry ice-cream.
I DON'T LIKE cherry chocolate, cherry sweets.

I can't explain the above. Perhaps my taste buds doesn't connect well with my brain cells.

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