July 2, 2006

New Pier On The Island

The Singapore Clifford Pier has ceased operations on 1 April 2006. The pier was built in the 1920s and it has to make way for new developments in the area. Replacing its operations, is the Marina South Pier. This new pier is further out south of the main island of Singapore and it will continue to serve the ships which stop by Singapore. The MS Pier was officially opened yesterday. I didn't know about it until I saw it on tv news about its official opening cermony.

Anyhow I was at the Shenton Way area today and on the way home, I saw the "Marina South" sign, I decided to make a detour there (since I have the car) to have a look at this new pier. Marina South has been a place I wanted to recee... When I took a junk boat ride to the Southern Islands of Singapore (it had set off from Clifford Pier then) in March last year, I had saw some nice parts of Marina South from the boat in which I never knew existed. It wasn't a difficult drive to the MS Pier. I could not resist to get down to take a few shots of the new icon. Here are the photos that I took...

(Click on photos for a larger view)

On the top floor, there is a viewing gallery.... nice place to look out into the horizon, the boats and the waters :)

Last but not least... as I was driving away from the pier, I saw this sight that I could not resist but to stop the car and took a shot. Unfortunately, my Exilim is failing me and the photo does little justice to the real view. I like the view of the city buildings amidst the trees... and in the same picture, I can see both the road and the skies too! Photo's a little grainy, probably because I took it through my windscreen... I was a little lazy to meet the hot sun just to take a couple of shots :P

2 other thoughts:

Ted Slater said...

I saw that you had linked to some Boundless articles (thanks, by the way), and then spent some time reading through your blog. I was intrigued by your Ginger Dipping Sauce recipe, and then saw the song lyrics you posted (I was part of Sovereign Grace and have spent some time with Mark and Bob). Then I saw that you're in Singapore. I spent a couple of weeks in that beautiful country, and have nothing but fond memories of the friends I made and the beauty around me (photos here: http://ijot.com/singapore ). Great blog! :-)

island said...

hi ted, thanks for popping by. i was surprised tat boundless editor would stop by :)

i've been encouraged by some articles in boundless. keep up the ministry to share the gospel and to help christians live out the gospel.

yeah, singapore sure is a great place! ;)

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