June 27, 2006

Shiok Like Magic :)

After the archery on Sunday, I woke up the next morning with aching shoulders... mainly on the left shoulder blades. I held the bow with my left hand and I suppose my body wasn't used to the sport and the position that I have to hold the bow at shoulder level, keep it still and hold it in position as I aim and release the arrow using my right arm.

Hmm... was lamenting upon arriving at office on Monday morning that there is no one to massage my aching shoulders for me :( it was especially painful on the left shoulder... Just then, I recalled I could have some medicated plasters in the drawer of my office (I always keep some medication and stuff, in case I might need them). I was so happy when I found my Tokohon medicated plasters!!

I pasted 2 plasters with the help of my colleague and by evening, the area which I pasted were almost ache-less!! Woke up this morning with some areas of my left shoulder blade still achey. I realised that those were the portions which I had not covered by the plasters yesterday! After having pasted yet another 2 more plasters this morning to cover the uncovered parts from yesterday, the achey parts are almost painless!! The best part was that the aches were done without any massages!

Go try it! The bit of heat activated by the plasters relieves the ache. There is a tinge of medicated smell if you don't mind.
But I think people beside you won't be able to smell it. For me, the bit of heat and slight tinge of medicated smell makes me feel good :P Tokuhon plasters are available at all pharmacies and its quite cheap... like $2 for a pack of 12 plasters!!

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