June 23, 2006


In case you may be thinking that I'm rude.... no I'm not trying to be rude. The 4Fs I'm referring to are Friends, Food, Fellowship and Fun.

It has been a whole month of 'holiday mood' since my super duper busy period at work in late May, followed by church camp. Post-busy period and now back to work... really not quite in the mood to do so. But I really need to pull up my socks to prepare for the coming half of the year.

One highlight was to have a few good friends from overseas who visited in the past month. For the past 4 weekends, I went to the airport 3 times. The last will be leaving this Sunday. We had a couple of gatherings to catch up and fellowship over food and games. It was nice to know that although we all have moved on in our lives and despite our physical distances (Australia, Indonesia and Singapore) we could still maintain our friendship and being able to encourage each other in our walk. Being in the family of Christ is such a wonderful thing - to experience the love of God for us through His people.

J and her hubby A visited from Indonesia. J is one of our overseas camp committee member. She designed the name tag and t-shirt. The couple came specially for church camp. M visited from Down Under. M's getting married to D (not in photo) in November and hopefully most of us will be able to fly here to attend the wedding. W from Aussie Land also came for holiday and church camp. I'm sure he missed (at least) the food and fellowship with us :P

Thank God for giving me friends - those whom we can not only have fun with, but those whom we can count on in good times and bad times... friends whom I know will share my joys, laughter, disappointments and grief... friends who truly care, who will pray with you, laugh with you, cry with you, giving you a shoulder to cry on, shares your excitement and care for those who matters to you.

In more practical ways, friends loan kitchen for you to mess up (oops! I mean to cook in), offer car rides from one end of Singapore to the other, put up with the 'homeless', talk over long distances with, gives you a hug when you are down, makes you laugh till you roll on the floor whilst playing taboo (and cha-boo), gives encouragement when you are discouraged, gives assurance when you are uncertain, cleans car for you (better than the petrol attendant at the kiosk), offer to drive when you are really worn out, putting up with your idiosyncrasies and accepts you for who you are... the list is endless.

I guess through it all, it spells L-O-V-E. Thank you, my dear friends :)

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