April 18, 2006

Weekend of Feasting

Perhaps I've been a bit slow in visiting Rochester Park - the new chic hangout place in the West of Singapore. I used to walk by this place frequently 10 years ago since my school was nearby. It was only recently that the place was developed from a place with old and cold colonial houses, into a place for people to chill out over a meal and drinks. Visited there with 2 other friends (it was not their first visit :P).

There are a handful of restaurants at Rochester Park. I would suggest that you make a reservation to your desired restaurant before you head down. We almost could not get a place on a Friday night. We had to be turned away at Graze so ended up at North Borders (which apparently tried to squeeze us in because they did not want to disappoint 3 pretty ladies... duuh...) We sat at the balcony on the second level. Being a cool day (it rained earlier part of the day), it was refreshing to be seated in the outdoors rather than inside the restaurant. North Borders serves Southwestern cuisine. The entrees that we had were tasty and not too salty (some stews tend to be too salty at times).

Chicken stew, lobster and salmon combination and lamb shank

If you would like to chill out over drinks, you could either pop over to Graze (there is a uniquely large LCD screen outside the restaurant) or to One Rochester. One Rochester was full and we had to be placed on the waiting list. Fortunately one of my friends knew one of the partners so we could enter ;) Nice place to be chilling out over nice music and drinks... unlike the loud music at pubs :P

The next day, I attended at wedding dinner at Raffles Town Club. I was pleasantly surprised that the quality of food had improved :) Didn't manage to take photos of the food.

Yesterday, a bunch of us decided to hang out for dinner to fellowship after an afternoon of badminton. We went Greenwood Avenue (along Bukit Timah, near Watten Estate). Had an early dinner at Peperoni Pizza. This was my second time there but my first time sitting inside the restaurant. This is one place you
can have your grafitti hung up on the wall. You won't miss the many drawings of its patrons. Besides the drawings on the wall, you can also be kept entertained in the toilet (yes toilet!). There are many articles, jokes and writtings put up for your reading pleasure so that you won't be too bored :P

Between 5 of us, we shared a 21-inch pizza. Boy, it was huugggee!! Later we figured that it would probably be good for 3 girls OR 2 hungry boys. The crust is rather thin (and crispy) so you won't be having carbohydrate overload. The rainy Sunday late afternoon made us wanted to just hang around and be lazy... To complete our m
eal, we adjourned to Estivo for gelato. Surely Greenwood is another area which you would not want to miss out. There are other restaurants in the same stretch - good food and nice (romantic) ambience. So go check it out!!

Lazy Sunday :)

And just as I was thinking of where my favourite Roti John stall has moved to... I found out that it has shifted to Serangoon Gardens. There used to be a food centre at Taman Serasi (near Botanical Gardens) but it has since been pulled down. Any Serangoon kid would care to fill me in as to exactly which stall it is?? I think the soursop juice stall also moved here right? ;)

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