January 8, 2006

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

It seemed like winter in Singapore. It has been raining non-stop for the past 2 days. Temperature was as low as about 21 degree celsius and that is cold for the tropical Singapore. Seldom have to be wearing a sweater out in the open. The known place of 'winter' I encounter in Singapore everyday is my office...

Many of us were stuck in church since the rain has been pouring non-stop. The 40 packets of lunch were snapped up very quickly. Left with no lunch to eat and stranded in church as none of the people in my DG has a car, they hang around waiting for me to settle some ministry matters. Just as pastor spoke about love in action, one of the church staff, A had cooked some porridge at home and she offered to share with the 4 of us so that we can temporarily be relieved of our hunger. Yum!! A's porridge was delicious... and the hot porridge amidst the cold weather and our hunger was welcoming and so filled with warmth. Eating the small bowl of porridge with 4 others was surprisingly an enjoyable experience...

But of course the porridge was not sufficient to satisfy our stomaches. Thankfully, we had a brother-in-Christ who generously offered to give us a ride to HV for a proper lunch. The interesting part of the afternoon was going to a bakery called "Provence". I have seen that shop around for some time but I have not tried the bread. Since M says that the bread is really very yummy, we decided to listen to her and adjourned there for some bread and drinks.

(From left, clockwise) chocolate cornet, cinnamon bun, blueberry & cheese bun, black sesami with cream cheese

All the bread look so delicious! We tried some interesting and delicious-looking ones. And true to our tasteful selection, all of them were very yummy! Most of them had a melt-in-your-mouth kind of smooth texture and they do not taste too rich. We found out that the bakery was opened by a Japanese who had gone to Europe to learn baking. So the shop and its products had a mix of both: the shop looking European and its bread looking Japanese :P We created our own 'lazy Susan', turning the plate around each time so that we all can savour bits of each bread. With the rain falling non-stop just beside our table (we were sitting at the alfresco area), the delicious bread and a good time of fellowship with friends, the Sunday afternoon was truly relaxing and enjoyable.

Who is in the mood to work the next day?? ;)

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