January 4, 2014

10 Days To Go

I previously blogged about 10 more weeks to go. I am now down to the last 10 days to my EDD.

My sister who was due on New Year's Eve is overdue and started to have contractions last night. She is likely to give birth to my first nephew (on my family's side) tomorrow or perhaps tonight! I'm looking forward to be an aunty 大姨 :)

With 10 more days to go, now it feels like pregnancy will never end. I have been hoping and looking forward to bub arriving as a 2013 baby but he didn't. He is probably too happy and contented in my womb to want to come out anytime soon?

I continue to be very thankful for every movement that I feel from bub. I have been praying that he will go down lower and head to be further down the birth canal, as my doctor has been telling me for the past 2-3 weeks that his head is still quite high. But yet that does not mean that bub is not ready to be born. I have been getting more braxton hicks contractions and menstrual-like cramps but none of them are regular/predictable. There were also times today that I wonder if I am leaking pee or was it my waters leaking? Either way, I am increasingly feeling difficulty in walking because I am getting heavier, being more unabley to withstand heat (Especially today's 41C in Brisbane! So thankful for airconditioning at home!), inability to sleep on my back (I was able to do so fairly comfortably until recently), finding it a huge feat to turn from sleeping from one side to another in the middle of my sleep because I feel like I'm turning together with a watermelon. 2 days ago, my left thumb's tendons incurred further inflammation and now more painful after I widened my grip to release my phone. Some treatment from my father-in-law improved it but the De Quervain Syndrome likely won't go away at least until bub is born. All these symptoms make me feel like they will never end and this waiting of bub to arrive is taking longer and longer, even though I really am in the last leg of this pregnancy. I think God is teaching me patience in all this waiting and learning to trust in His timing and plan.

The big revelation exactly 8 months before the EDD

My mum arrived from Singapore 2 days ago to be here with me for 2 months. I am glad that I can at least take a break off cooking for the time she is here. :) For now, I continue to wait...

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