September 19, 2012

Kitchen Gadget - 2 Ways

This gadget is quite uncommon in Australia. Following a friend's recommendation, I went back to Singapore last year and bought my own.

This is a half-boiled eggs maker. Place between 1 to 4 raw eggs in the top compartment, pour in hot boiling water to the level indicated for 1, 2, 3 or 4 eggs and allow it to work its magic. The water will drip into the bottom container and by the time all the water on the top container is emptied, all you are left are the *almost* perfect half-boiled eggs. Hubby and I have an egg a few days per week. Having this little useful gadget means I could cook eggs without having to keep a close watch on them. I haven't been quite successful at cooking half boiled eggs. I only boost of ~20% success rate using a saucepan on the stove ;)

This can be also used as an ice bucket. Remove the top container from the bottom. You can store ice cubes in the bottom container and cover with the same lid.

What a clever invention! Praise God for enabling men to invent gadgets. :)

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