May 16, 2012

Happy Busy Months Ahead

All thanks to discounted domestic and international budget flights (and to Flight Centre for all those savings), we have a line up of visitors over the next few months:

June - K&J and kids
July - A&J and kids
Aug - my parents, aunty P and uncle S

We are opened to visitors in Sept :) and we are travelling end Sept to mid Oct interstate and a surprise trip (surprise to *most* people in the country but not to us).

In the meantime, we have the 2 bedrooms to tidy and lots of declutter to do before we get to paint them. We have 4-5 weeks to do that before our first lot of visitors for the year arrive.

P.S. I have helped the visitors above saved $440 in total for their flights Brisbane/Gold Coast to Melbourne by booking with Flight Centre. :)

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