February 1, 2012

A "New" House

We moved in to our first and own house some 4 years ago. I didn't quite like the colours of the walls of all the rooms but in the interest of time and cost, I thought I shall bear with it. Hubby didn't mind the colours (as with most other things). He is a practical man. To quote one of my SIL - "what were the previous owners thinking when they chose these colours?". The paint job itself was also quite badly done. You could easily tell that it was a rush job. 

After watching "The Renovators" TV series, hubby and I learnt a little more about DIYing at home, so we thought we will have a go at it. The 2 main jobs I had in mind was to paint the walls, or paint the kitchen cabinets (a cheaper option than to renovate the entire kitchen, or change its cabinets). We also want to do something that will add value to the house, just in case we ever were to sell it one day. We chose painting the walls, or rather, just to get rid of the colours of the various walls and not touch the white walls. To date, we have changed our feature wall in our living room and also painted our bedroom. There are 2 other bedrooms to paint.

Living room - original army green colour when we moved in
Getting ready to paint
Painting the first coat after 2 coats of undercoat
The new (not quite a) feature wall after painting

I'm so happy now that the wall is nicely painted in a much lighter, neutral colour. This lighter colour brightens up the room (living and dining area) and enlarge the small space that we already have. We are thankful for the help of some friends to help paint over the New Year weekend. Painting is not as easy as it looks. We have to clean the walls, fill holes with filler, sand the wall to ensure it is even, before painting 2 undercoats and then 2 coats of colour and cleaning up after. I quite enjoy the painting bit (although it can be really tiring) and I am extremely thankful for hubby who did most of the other work, especially cleaning the brushes and tools we used. The paint job looks much more decent now because it was done with love! 

Before - the 'interesting' blue in our master bedroom which is now in a neutral colour
Our guestroom's 'interesting' wall colours
The guestroom and the currently known as the study room (which we don't use it for that purpose other than storage) are next to be painted. The study is donned with walls of pink and purple (previously use to room a 2yo girl). I cannot wait for all the painting to be completed!

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