May 20, 2011


Peace, you give me peace
When the storm comes and I'm afraid
Peace, you give me peace
When I trust in the words you say
You give me peace

If you can calm the sea
Then you can comfort me
If winds obey your voice
Why should I fear their noise
And though my eyes can't see
I know you're with me

When someone starts to fight
And does things I don't like
I hear your gentle voice
Saying I have a choice
To make an enemy
Or to spread your peace

This song is in Sovereign Grace's kids album "To Be Like Jesus". I bought this audio cd to have it available to play in our car when our niece(s) are travelling with us. It was only a long while later that I realised my SIL has this cd too and she plays it for her girls (2 of our nieces) in their car.

However, it was only quite recently that I grew to like the songs in this cd and appreciate the lyrics of most of the songs. They teach simple biblical truths and could relate it to children's behaviour. I used this song to encourage my niece B, who has been afraid when she goes to bed at night. I think she often has nightmares.

Of late, this song is encouraging me and reminding me to place my hope in Christ and He will give me peace... in times where I don't know what is happening and fearing the worst, in times when I am lost and feeling depressed because of news of others which I should be happy about but I am not, when I feel like I am all alone in my struggles - I know that the Lord will calm my heart and give me peace. 

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