April 5, 2011

Cushions For My Beddinge

Late last year, we bought a 2nd hand Ikea Beddinge to replace a 2-seater couch which was a hand-me-down from my SIL. We gave the couch to our friends, who are overseas students studying in Brisbane. We have been eyeing this Beddinge for a while. We have been looking out for a sofa bed (so that we have another option of guests stay over other than our guest room). We know Beddinge is a good and comfortable choice - one of our friends has this and we are able to attest to its comfort. The 2-metre Beddinge is able to sleep 2 (tall) people or comfortably sit 4-5 women or 3 men :)

For the price tag of about A$400 brand new, it is a good price but not a price we wanted to spend on a sofa bed. Hence we have been looking out for a 2nd hand piece. The chance came up when a friend's housemate is leaving Brisbane for good and is looking to sell his Beddinge. We were happy to buy it for A$160 (or was it A$180?) and it came in the red colour cover which I love! With a good clean of the cover and the rectangular cushion covers and the mattress and frame, it was almost as good as new. 

As a bed, we sleep on the Beddinge when we (usually me) have arvo naps. We also had a guest sleep on it for 1 night because we have 3 other guests sleeping in 2 bedrooms. 

I have always wanted to sew some matching covers for the 3 square cushions we have on the couch. I finally had the chance to and here are the final products - 

Similar designs but using different fabrics and buttons
We have 3 square cushions - we bought 2 and 1 was a gift from a friend. I could not find 3 different fabric that I like to make 3 cushions. I decided on 2 fabric and used the red with white polka dot fabric on 2 cushions. I really like the end product and how it matches the Beddinge :)

The 3rd cushion is missing because I have not completed the 3rd cushion cover 

I have also recently made 3 cushion covers for our friends as a thank you gift for letting us stay with them in our upcoming trip to Sydney. I shall share this in another entry :)

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