March 10, 2011

Yummy Food, Happy Faces

4yo niece B (above) and 2yo niece C (below)
We had B stayed over at our place some time last year. This time, we figure it is time to have C over. C came over and stay on a Friday night. We were prepared for a possibly bad night with C waking up a few times at night, like her sister B. C would generally wake up in the night (on most nights), sneak into her parents' room and sleep with them on their bed! 

We put C to bed around 9pm on the same mattress her sister slept on when she was over, on the ground just beside our bed. She'd usually have some milk in a bottle and by the time she's done, she will be asleep. Water has since replaced milk and that was exactly what I gave her - water in a bottle and she soothed herself to sleep. I was so thankful that she was easy to put back to sleep, even though she woke up 2 times through the night. All I needed to do is to give her water in the bottle. I need not pat her nor carry her to sleep, which was what I have to do with B. C did not cry for mummy too. She was contented with seeing me and knowing that it was a familiar face with her in the dark. When she woke up at 6am (her usual time) in the morning, I carried her and brought her onto our bed. Because I was still tired, I lay her beside me and went back to sleep, with my arm on her so that I will know if she moves or leaves the bed. Surprisingly, she went back to sleep and we all slept for another 2 hours, i.e. she slept for a total of 11 hours that night! Apparently, this was so so rare for her to sleep that long. Her parents tried similarly at home but C would not go back to sleep. 

Later that morning, we brought C to attend a friend's daughter's 2nd birthday party. With a few other children there, C had a great time. When we got home, she napped for 2 hours, which again, was atypical of her. Her sister B came to join us in the afternoon while their parents went out on a date. I cooked us a simple dinner of rice with prawns and zucchini stir fry and baked fish fingers. (Photo above) B & C loved the food! Both of them ate most of what was given to them and fed themselves to enjoy the meal. B was complimented for eating more than she usually does (she is quite a picky eater). Well, I guess I have fulfilled a few of their favourites - prawns and crispy something (fish fingers in this case) and made it a balanced meal too. Now, I shall think of a way to get B to eat her fruits. That will be another story.

At the end of the day, Quop and I are happy our nieces had a great time of fun, rest and meal with us. Their parents are also happy that they get some alone time, plus their girls enjoyed themselves with us too. Hmm, they were a little envious that the girls ate well with us and C slept generally well too. Hmm, I think the girls take their parents for granted. 

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