August 15, 2010

Meal Planner 16/8/10 - 20/8/10

This is the last time I will be sharing the meals that I have planned for the coming week. About a month ago, I acquired a touch screen mobile phone and it allows me to plan my meals and store the data in my phone. In that way, I could refer to it whenever I wanted to.

What I am most excited is the shopping list software which allows me to list the things I needed to buy. It has a column for me to check off when I have picked up the items, which is really handy for me. I used to use a piece of paper and have to use a pen to cross out the items or mentally remember that I have picked up the items. With my mobile phone, I can hold the list and check off the items using one hand. I could also have a few shopping lists, so I have lists like Coles, Woolies, Aldi, Anywhere cheapest, Christmas, Things to buy to Singapore, Things I want from Singapore, etc. This beats writing all of them on one piece of paper or having different pieces of paper for different shopping list. It allows me to record prices of items too. E.g. In the "milk" entry, I could enter the price of A$3.59 for a 3L bottle and keep it for future reference or comparing prices between the supermarkets. It has been almost 3 years since I use a PDA (my old one drowned). I am thankful that the HTC Desire (smart phone, android phone) was so affordable, thanks to hubby who found this great deal. For once, both of us are carrying the same phone. How romantic?!!? :p

Monday - beef casserole with tomatoes and eggplant
Tuesday - pumpkin soup with bread rolls
Wednesday - (Subway dinner)
Thursday - steak and chips
Friday - butter chicken (family dinner)
Saturday - satay chicken and dessert
Sunday - ondeh ondeh

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Anonymous said...

it's romantic cos if the both of you are carrying the same phone, that means you are never apart, else only one person would be able to carry the phone... :p

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