July 28, 2010

Friends and Church Camp

(Overdue post)

J, M and I made a date some 1.5 years to be back in Singapore this year for church camp. The 3 of us and our spouses reside outside Singapore and we miss church camp. The last time 3 of us (and another M) met together was at my wedding in Brisbane. They flew from where they were in the world then to witness my holy matrimony. Unfortunately, as things pen out, M cannot make the trip back (M, you better start to feel guilty again :p). 

Together with R and MQ, J and I had 2 great nights at church camp having girl chats about our marriages and children in my room. Hubby kindly sacrificed by spending time by himself and walking around the hotel premises late at night (all other husbands were either sleeping (because they are sick) or minding the children). How I really miss precious moments like these where we catch up on the smaller details of our lives, our struggles, laughing and giggling (usually, MQ's ignorance for certain things). Most of all, we spent some time praying for each other. I felt so strongly and prayed that God will protect all our marriages in Christ. Satan loves to destroy marriages and our lives and faith in Jesus. The other 'threat' is how having children will significantly reduce couple time and the building of the marital relationship. I prayed that we will always put our marriages before our children and of course, Christ above all else.

I am looking forward to our next 'date', probably in 2012 where we shall be heading to karaoke to sing oldies :) and of course, more girl time.

R, MQ and I having durian at the largest durian party ever!

With A & J at yum cha (dim sum) until midnight. Looking forward to see you guys in Oz next year!!

Hubby with little J, who, for some reason, loves hubby more than me! Children usually prefers me to hubby :p
(There was a video on facebook of them conversing with each other in baby talk)
Last of all, the now grown up Cha Cha, whom I used to blog a lot about. She is now a fine little lady, no longer the little girl I used to know. She is really a dear... and probably the only child in SG who misses me.

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