July 23, 2010

The Airport

I love the feeling of being at the airport - particularly at Singapore Changi Airport. It just makes me feel happy... maybe it gives me the impression that I am flying away to a holiday. Unfortunately, I used to live on the other end of the island and makes it far to travel. Other than sending off people, picking up people and flying off overseas myself, I have specially made the trip to the airport on 2-3 other occasions, just to study or have a personal retreat by myself.

At SCA, there are many food joints that I can sit down to eat and watch people and/or read a book. There used to be a study corner just for students near the gallery area where people watch the planes fly off. I also love to stand at the gallery area to watch the planes... and for those times I did that, I usually would tear as I miss the person who is about fly off...

I am also proud that Singapore has one of the best airports in the world! I wouldn't mind spending a long transit time in the transit area. If you have been there before, you will know why :)

Anyway, I really like being in the airport, not just any airport but Singapore Changi Airport Sometimes I think that I want to be an air stewardess or be part of the airport ground crew so that I can go to the airport often. 

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