April 1, 2010

She is Now A Christian!

I was pleasantly surprised and happy to read this piece of news about one of my favourite HK actress. Praise God for her public testimony. She has also publicly expresses her wish to marry a Christian. SC took a break from the entertainment circle and that was when she found the true meaning of life. Her new song album entitled "Faith" came about after she came back to the entertainment circle. She claimed that "faith has given her confidence". She is a changed person.

Another HK actress who has changed when she faced a down time in her life is this other pretty actress that I like. GL shared her testimony and how she became a Christian. (See video interview in Cantonese).

A 3rd popular actress has this to say about premarital sex.

I pray that their testimonies will continue to be strong and that they will bear good witnesses to their fans and supporters who do not yet know Jesus.

When I read this article, I wish I could tell JA that what she said about death is quite true but she will find meaning beyond death if she truly knows who Jesus is and what He has done for us. Tomorrow is Good Friday. Why is it "good"? It is because Jesus died on our behalf and He conquered death on Easter Sunday. That is why Christians celebrate - our Saviour Jesus Christ's death and His ultimate victory over death that He came alive! Amen!!

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