April 8, 2010

Real Simple

I followed a link that a friend shared on facebook and found some good ideas/tips that I like :)

  1. No mess pancakes
  2. Old shower cap
  3. Tidy up plastic bags
  4. Ice for parties
  5. Recycle the cardboard tube
  6. Cabinet door silencer
  7. Condiment tote
  8. Hand duster
Might give it a try soon!

2 other thoughts:

Anonymous said...

i -really- like number 3! Previously we saved tissue boxes for Munchee to hide in / grind her teeth on, but this makes so much sense!

island said...

:) some of them are pretty common-sense stuff and some are innovative. i am sure we can come up with more things to do with our day-to-day 'junk' :p

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