March 21, 2010

Learning to be A Woman of Purpose

Last Saturday, together with about 200 other women, I attended the Women of Purpose conference. This is an annual women's training event to teach and encourage Christian women with God's Word. This is my 2nd time (the 1st was last year) and I was so glad I went. I left the conference spiritually encouraged, mentally challenged but physically tired.

Claire Smith (wife of Rob Smith, a talented Christian musician and song writer of many good contemporary Christian songs) spoke about the book the Jude in 2 talks in the morning. Tara Thornley (Dean of Women at Moore Theological College)  spoke about discipleship and how we can care for the women in our midst, especially 1-to-1 discipleship in reading the Bible together.

Claire is a very clear and concise speaker as she taught the book of Jude. The book of Jude was presented so thoroughly and clearly, from the history of who is Jude, why did he write this book and his audience. I was reminded of the reason that I should contend for the faith that was once entrusted to the saints, as more and more false teachers are in our midst to distract us from our love and focus on Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. The threat is not far away from us and many times we do not even realise the danger . Hence Jude writes to warn us and get our focus right.

The first thing that stood out for me was a reminder that Jesus is the ONLY Lord and Saviour. He is BOTH our Lord and Saviour. If He is only our saviour, our lives will remain unchanged post-salvation (quote: that is where we sing "Jesus is my boyfriend" type song). If Jesus is only our Lord, we only do good to obey Him but forgetting that we cannot do anything to gain salvation. Salvation is free and unconditional. We do not earn it. It is given with mercy and grace. Hence Jesus has to be both our Lord and Saviour. Does my life reflect this truth which I believe?

Time and history are important to help us press on. Time is not bigger than God. He does not change with time. It is the same Jesus who judged in the past and will judge our future. God does not change like we do. God rules over history (and the present and the future) and things happen for a reason. We must look at history in God's perspective. Everything we do on earth has an eternal consequence. With God in control over time and history, everything happens in His sovereign time and tomorrow holds no surprises for God. I must stop and think about God's sovereignity and control. All things must point to Jesus and that should dominate my life and the way I live.

Only the Lord can keep us from falling. Look out for dangers that draws us away from God. We are to keep ourselves with the love of Christ and keep on loving Him, growing in our knowledge of God's word and speak God's truth to each other. Live my life in eternity and be an active 'waiter', waiting for Jesus' promised return.

Tara spoke about discipleship which has encouraged and affirmed me why and how I disciple others. I realised that I felt it was an impossible task to disciple/read the Bible with someone ages ago. In the past 2 years, I am really privileged to be able to disciple 1-2 girls and see them grow in their love for Christ and being challenged in living out a life for Christ and not for themselves. Tara suggests that 1-to-1 discipleship really is not a difficult thing. Anyone can do it. It is just 2 persons coming together to read God's word together and learn and grow together. It has challenged me to do 1-to-1 discipleship with more than the 1 person I am doing with now... in particular, with a couple of international students whom I know of.

My life here on earth may be a long time, it may also be a short time. How and what am I doing that make things count towards the eternal Kingdom? Sometimes life may be tough, but knowing that God is sovereign and in control, whom and what shall I fear/worry?

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