February 3, 2010

Singapore Trip

Now that I live in Oz, going back to SG is a holiday to me... especially when my 11-day trip is jam-packed with appointments and meetings, mostly over food.

This trip was specially made to attend my sister's wedding. Thank God that she is now married to a very decent, honest, down-to-earth, steady and reliable man (just like hubby too ;p) When he said his vows to her (with a really sincere and earnest look), I had to hold back my tears. (not vice versa though... because my sister was probably nervous and was kinda half giggling/smiling away. That is the usual her...) The wedding was nice and went through smoothly. Had the entire day to catch up with my extended family as well... which made me pretty tired (emotionally and physically), especially when some of them said some unhelpful words to me.

A few "firsts" during this trip:
  1. Going to Orchard Road to see the new big (and decadent) shopping malls - Ion Orchard and 313@Somerset. It has changed the 'feel' of Orchard shopping. 313@Somerset has taken over/changed the familiar buildings and landscape I have known when I was studying nearby and had to walk through that area to take a bus home everyday. I realised as much as more luxury goods were available and all the new shops for shopping (which I like), but I do not like my familiar buildings removed and ruined my childhood memories...
  2. Colouring my hair - I have highlighted my hair before but not coloured it. I figure out that colouring takes a shorter time and costs a bit less... and this time, I decided to be bold and try some reddish tone (instead of previously brownish tones) which will become brown when the red wears off. I think the colour went down really well on me :) 
  3. Painting nail art on my big toes - I used to go for pedicure every 2-3 months when I was single. It helped improve my in-grown toe nails condition. I have not done it in Oz because it is more expensive and also because people here are more simple and cannot care about beautifying themselves :p I went with my sister on the eve of her wedding and the nail art was included in the package that she bought. My manicure costs S$15 (under A$12).
  4. Fuschia pink to match my dress :)
  5. Flying with Emirates - we were intending to fly budget Jetstar but dad kindly offered to pay the difference for us to fly Emirates so that we could be more comfortable and able to carry more baggage (standard allowance is 30kg per person). The inflight entertainment was fantastic with VOD and touch-screen selection. I could watch 3-4 movies with the time I had because I can start watching the moment I sat down (before the flight takes off). My only complaint was that the service provided by the stewardesses were not consistent and the pocket in front of the seats were not exactly cleaned and tidied up for the next flight. 
Impressive inflight entertainment system (notice that it even tells you that you are at seat 19E)

I really had a good time catching up with friends. I have mixed feelings knowing various good and not-so-good experiences that my friends went through... especially those whom I am closer to. I rejoice with thanksgiving to the Lord with news of pregnancies, kids, improved health conditions and those who persevere in the Lord during tough times. I wish I had more time/chance to talk to and pray with those going through major life decision-making, borderline breaking up of a relationship, marital problems, parenting trials, health issues. I shall be making some phone calls to 3 of them (that I have committed to) to do a little more in-depth catch-up. Knowing these issues that my friends are going through, helps me to pray for them. In some way, I feel burden-some but also privileged to have 2 sets of people - in SG and Oz to minister to and pray for. Maybe God is teaching me to pray... and I must when I tell people that I will pray for them.

Many people!

My favourite food during this trip?
  1. Cumi Bali Indonesian
  2. Spice Peranakan
  3. Kuru Kuru Japanese (buffet is really good price and good quality! Children below height of 1.1m eats for free)
  4. Bali Seafood Village (sells 'zi char' (stir-fry) Chinese food)
To my friends in Singapore: see you again in June!

2 other thoughts:

Anonymous said...

"some unhelpful words"

argh.... :S that makes me so frustrated. why do they think it has no impact?! sorry to hear it happened :(

island said...

well i suppose we cannot control what they say... and upon reflection, sometimes i say unhelpful things too... so have to forgive and learn...

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