February 6, 2010

Playing with Butter, Cream and Chocolate

24 cupcakes in the cupcake carrier, cut fondant, round cake container

I did not manage to do any prep last night. This arvo, I spent about 2-3 hours baking 24 cupcakes and a 7.5 inch round cake, making my blue buttercream and chocolate ganache.

Blue buttercream to ice the cupcakes

 The 'ganached' cake - had to finish it smoothly which is an important step before I ice it with fondant tomorrow. Have to allow time to let the ganache set so that the fondant will sit better over the cake.

My 'gear' - colours, fondant (white icing), icing pen and apricot spread (a special trick my SIL taught me)

I shall be icing all the cakes tomorrow morning and hopefully try to complete all of them! This is the fun but time-consuming part...

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