November 4, 2009

Gift of Blessing

On my recent birthday, my BIL A gave me a gift... he made a generous donation to Gospel for Asia's Women Ministry on my behalf. It is such a meaningful gift to be able to bless the ministry of reaching the neglected, socially rejected women and bringing the gospel to them so that they may know and have hope to live their lives.

When we got married some 2 years ago, we put in our gift registry to have people give us gifts by making donations to TEAR Australia or adopt a child through Compassion. I remembered we received a 'toilet' gift where the money is used to improve sanitation by building a toilet for a home or school. We received at least another 2 gifts under the same catalogue.

Christmas is coming. Why don't you consider giving your friends and family gifts that will bless the less fortunate as well? Here are a few to consider:

TEAR gift catalogue - range from A$5 to A$5,000
CMS gift catalogue - range from A$5 to A$500
GFA gift catalogue - range from A$1 to $21,000
World Vision gift catalogue - range from A$5 to A$20
Salvation Army gift catalogue - range from A$10 to A$600

May the resources that God bless you with be put to good use to bless others!

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