November 28, 2009

Free shopping (Well, Almost)

Cut out a $10 voucher for Howard Storage World from their promotional booklet. It came in the Christmas issue of Better Home and Gardens. I usually do not buy much from HSW as their prices are fairly expensive. With this voucher, I thought I will go to HSW to see what I can spend $10 on.

Spending $1.80 (on top of the $10 voucher), I got a plastic basket $3.95 (where I am able to store things in the fridge and get them out easily), 2 bottle stoppers $1.95 each and a pack of laundry hangers $3.95 that has a peg at the end of it. These are useful household things that I am able to use. Most of the other things in HSW, I do not want to spend extra money to pay for them. Anyway I got hold another booklet with the voucher at the store and I shall try again to see what I can get cheaply or for free at another store nearer to me :)

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