September 30, 2009

Sara Lee Warehouse

How good is it to be able to buy this (600g) apple pie for A$1.50? With a flyer that hubby got through work, we are able to get this great promotion at the Sara Lee Warehouse.

The warehouse sells Sara Lee products that failed their quality control standards. You cannot tell what was wrong in these boxed up apple pies. The pecan danish that we got for A$2.50 (UP $5+) had too much icing that not all of it was on the danish. Some fell onto the sides of plastic container that the pastry was in. But you know what? It tasted great! We bought an apple pie for ourselves and 2 other pies for a party that we were going to. You pay a fraction of the price you would buy from supermarkets. Even though it may not look pretty (often time, you may not be able to tell what is wrong with the product), the taste of the product is not compromised.

This is a great place to purchase bulk sweets and savouries for your parties, weddings, etc! :) See their current promotions here.

For Brisbanites, the store closest to the city is at Daisy Hill or Zillmere. Daisy Hill is merely 15 mins drive from my place! For Sydney-siders, check out here.

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