July 7, 2009

Sewing Project #9 - Hot Water Bottle Cover

It is generally not that cold in Brisbane. But there are the occasional days that is very cold and days that you wish you have something warm/hot to hug/placed by your side to keep you warm... or sometimes a warm pack is needed to keep your aching tummy warm and comfy. That's where a hot water bottle will come in handy.

Big W was selling hot water bottles for $3.98. Got it a month ago and have not used it. Now that hubby is overseas, it is extra cold when I try to sleep at night. I figure that I could use a hot water bottle to keep me warm. But wait! I need a cover too, which will protect me from direct heat and it feels nicer to have a warm flannelette material next to you than some rubber (material of the bottle). Instead of buying a cover to go with it, why not sew my own? Best of all, I could use one of those scrap cloths that remained from previous sewing projects.

There it is - my simple hot wat bottle cover, with an elastic band, all done in about 30 minutes!

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