July 27, 2009

Cuppa In The Park

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday afternoon, a few of us from church would gather at a nearby park for some sports. Last Saturday, only M, hubby and I turned up. As we were all pretty tired physically (hubby and I did throw a bit of frisbee for 30 mins), we decided to just sit down and have a cuppa.

M cycled to the park and brought his equipment and supplies. We had chips and M boiled some water using his portable fuel/container and we had some instant coffee and tea, which was very welcomed on a cool/cold winter arvo. M just cycled around parts of Hokkaido in Japan and he survived on this method of cooking for 1-2 weeks. The next time, we may have a coffee plunger to make coffee!

The portable burner using gas. We boiled water just like that!

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