April 14, 2009

Knitting Posts & Links

Other than island thots, known to only a few, I also have another blog dedicated for knitting my knit thots. However, I decided to 'close down' that blog and concentrate on posting all my posts on island thots. After all, knitting or not, they are all my thoughts :)

Hence I copied some of the entries over to here and back-date them to the same day and time of the entry on my knit thots. Here they are:

  1. Pink scarf
  2. Green vest
  3. Smug
  4. Alpaca pink vest
  5. Placemat & coasters
At the same time, theses are some useful information/tutorials that you need to know about knitting:
In Australia, I usually get my knitting supplies from Spotlight, Lincraft, Kmart or Big W. You can get hold of some free projects (sewing included) from Lincraft free projects and Spotlight free projects, or google your way for more free patterns!

In Singapore, the best place to get knitting supplies would have to be Golden Dragon at People's Park Centre, Upper Cross St.

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