December 1, 2008

Air Asia flight

Here I am in KL LCC terminal, waiting to board my plane to Singapore. Hubby and I decided to try out taking Air Asia from Gold Coast to KL and then to SG. This gave us savings of 50% of the normal price we would have paid for a direct flight on an international flight.

What kept me awake during the 2 hours at KL LCC terminal

At the GC airport, I felt like I was in Malaysia already – the Malaysian staff at Air Asia, duty free shopping and many Malay Malaysians and Chinese who seemed to be taking the same flight as us. There were few Aussie Caucasians on the flight. It took us 8 hours and 20 minutes from GC to KL (which was a bit long, we thought). The boeing seemed like an old (possibly MAS) air plane, even though it was supposed to be a no-frills flight. The seats were old, numbering of our seats was old, our overhead lights didn't work, there was no curtains for the crew gallery (although a curtain track was visible), there were completely no tv screens, the engine sounds were really loud and sounding abormal when the plane was taking off (we felt a bit dodgy about it...). Well you definitely know that it is an old plane. The plane that I took 10 years ago was definitely newer than this. We prayed as the plane took off... Thank God that we landed safely :) We now have to wait another 4+ hours for our next flight to SG.

Pre-ordered meals on board the flight. Roast chicken an potatoes (international meal) and mutton rendang (asian meal). They were both yummy! (to my pleasant surprise)

2 things that I have noticed so far: (1) toilets
in MY and AUS (at least at the airports) are remarkably different. One is clean and the other is really quite dirty. You go figure out which is which... (2) In AUS, people are generally more polite and aware of people around them, being careful not to be selfish and are generous and giving. The very moment I arrived at GC airport with more Malaysians (possibly Singaporeans too), I felt people pushing and rushing ahead of me, with their bags poking me and wanting to get ahead. The 'kia su' (afraid to lose out) syndrome is showing up. I suppose this also reflects the pace of life – AUS being slower and relaxed, while Singapore and Malaysia being faster, tense and rushing around. I know I am the latter (having grown up in Singapore), but I know that having lived in AUS for some time, I am now slower. Having said that, I am still probably faster than the typical Australian. To them, I am probably the 'kia su' one.

Bored, sleepy and tired hubby at MacDonald's

Let's see if my friends and family could te
ll if I had changed in any way. I am certain that I still have the singlish side of me. I was surprised when a friend's brother in Sydney commented that I don't have a strong singlish accent! Hmm....

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