November 2, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Wednesday - Birthday celebrations began with Baskin Robbins sending me a voucher for a free ice cream. I love Baskin Robbins ice cream... something which I can't get to eat in Singapore but only whenever I go to Malaysia. My favourite flavour's gotta be Jamaican Mocha Almond Fudge. It has the coffee taste with some chocolate bits... and crunchy almond nuts to chew on.

Thursday - My boss and his wife bought me lunch. Hubby also joined us for a simple Vietnamese spread at Sunnybank. Thereafter, they also got me a little cake to celebrate in the office. Also received some lettuce seedlings and potting mix from ST. I was so delighted with the gift as I have been trying to grow lettuce (to have them for my lunch).

Family dinner feast

Friday - I received a card from company's National office in Sydney, which was a pleasent surprise. That same evening, my family (from hubby's side) gathered at our place for a potluck dinner feast. Hubby and I made bbq char siew, korma chicken and spring salad, while my 2 SIL made a Vietnamese lettuce roll with grilled pork and peking duck pancakes. Damo and I have our birthdays in November and hence we celebrated it together. WC made our birthday cake - coconut cake with passion fruit filling which was a winning combination!

Saturday - It doesn't happen often that my birthday falls on a Saturday.. and I particularly appreciate it because that means that I can relax and enjoy the day! And boy, it was a really tiring day - got out of the house at 7.30am and got home close to midnight, in between went home 2x to drop off fresh food into the fridge and to shower up and change for the evening.

Woke up at 7am to go RC & WC's place to have breakfast before RO, WC and Belle went with us to the Rocklea market (aka Brisbane Market). I have not been there before and hubby specially suggested to bring me there on my birthday. I however, got RO and both my SILs to come along too. I love Aussie markets - I like walking around from store to store to browse and may end up not buying anything. This, however is mainly a fresh fruits and veggies market. Ended up doing my grocery shopping there - bought apples, oranges, strawberries, mushrooms, broccoli, kiwis, free-range eggs, green beans, corn-fed black angus rump steak (same price as what you would normally get for a normal beef so we thought we could have a little treat to try this out), wagyu kobe beef patties ($2.50 each - cheap for a wagyu kobe beef and they tasted really good!) and a sage plant.

After a simple lunch at my SIL's, we went for S&KY's birthday gathering at a park in Indooroopilly. The highlight was when a bass guitar was presented to S (who is slightly more than 24 hours older than me). We had a great time playing frisbee (only hubby played) and fellowship over afternoon tea.

Of course by then, hubby and I were really tired out (hubby was more tired because I could take naps while he drove). Went home, took a shower and went out again. I knew that hubby had a surprise arranged for me but I didn't know what it was. I thought perhaps we are going out for dinner at some nice place (which didn't require us to dress up). I was asked to close my eyes through the entire journey (of which I fell asleep, as usual). As we arrived and parked at the back lane, I didn't know where I was until I got into the building... karaoke lounge!

Hubby arranged a karaoke session for me to sing my lungs out and for our friends to join us in some fun. Hubby figured that I miss singing (especially karaoke) and hence this surprise. It was a pretty decent place. You get 4 hours of singing and dinner for the price one pays.

After all the hype and celebrations and behind it all, I see the love from family and friends. And again I feel totally blessed and privileged to have family and friends from both Brissy and SG to love me. Although I could not see my family and friends in SG, knowing that they think of me and remember my birthday was good enough. And I am also thankful that family and friends in Brissy made the extra effort (especially hubby) to make the day special for me, perhaps so that I won't feel homesick and deprived? I am thankful as I sense that hubby's family and friends are seeing me as part of their family and friend too, that they are not just my hubby's family and friends but mine too.

I am also thankful for the gifts that I received. They were all so practical to me. It feels like they know what I wanted (and I know hubby did not hint to them). Other than the lettuce seedlings, I received 2 recipe books, bottles of aromatic body lotion and hand cream, a vase and a gift card. Lord, thank you for your blessings and love for me through people!

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