July 8, 2008

Kooroomba Lavender Farm & Winery

Hubby knows that I'd like to visit a lavender field one day and he knows I like wine-tasting. So what more appropriate when he found out about a place where they have a lavender farm and a winery! Hubby did some research and publicised it to some friends to see if anyone would be keen to join us. And so last Saturday, family, friends and friends of friends join us, driving 1 hour and 15 minutes to Kooroomba Lavender Farm and Winery.

(From top left, clockwise) Wine-tasting, lavender products, lavender flowers and lavender tea (blend of China black tea, lavender and fennel)

Although it fell a bit short of my expectation of seeing fields of purple everywhere, I also realised that it is not the best time of the year to see lavender in bloom. The reason why Kooroomba has some in bloom is because of the various species that it plants. I really love it there... standing in the midst of the flowers, looking at the vineyard (which was bare now because it is winter) and the mountains nearby... and with the silence of creation around you (except for the sound of some birds chipping)... the feeling was really amazing as I admire God's creation of nature. It immediately makes you feel very relaxed and everything that you worry about seemed so much less important. I love the moment where I could just breathe in the fresh air and just enjoy the few seconds where I am just simply absorbed by nature.

Lavender in the foreground, bare vineyard in the middle/right and the mountains in the back

Free wine-tasting is also available. It was really nice to enjoy their good selections of wine. I particularly like their Alba and Port. The wine also kept me warm and so I was not very cold when I was out in the open fields.

My lunch - Havens croft free range chicken with Kooroomba Alba wine, streaky bacon,
creamed spinach and a mushroom chive galette

And of course all of us also gave our cameras a good workout :)

The bees love the lavender too

Me and my niece

Now I have another place to bring overseas visitors to when they visit Brisbane :) And I may go back there in Spring to drink more wine and see more lavender and also to buy more lavender flowers so that I could put them in my wardrobe, bake them in my cakes and cookies and give away to some close friends in Singapore.

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