May 2, 2008

First Trials

I had the opportunity to try out making 2 food stuff recently.

1. Waffles
Excitedly borrowed this waffle maker from a friend. Hubby loves waffles but we figure that it doesn't justify a purchase of the maker. It is also not too cheap to buy frozen ones from the supermarket. So having to borrow the maker for a week really excites me.

I made close to 50 waffles in that one week and gave some to W's parents, grandma and sister. I froze the rest of the lot for future consumption. The pattern on the maker was really pretty - made up of 5 hearts joined together. The batter was really easy to make and about 1/2 cup of batter was put in to make 1 waffle. In 2-3 minutes, we can get a hot crispy waffle!

2. Konnyaku jelly
I love this firm chewy jelly with fruits in them. My mum used to make them for the family and because she makes them, I never have to make this myself.

I ran out of the jelly trays so I used anything that comes to mind

Although the "Redman" brand of konnyaku jelly mix is not readily available in Brisbane, this "Happy Grass" brand served just as well. I found "Redman" brand in one deli shop at Eight Mile Plains but it was expensive and a small packet. At Yuen's Groceries, I could get one of this larger packet which cost just a little more and it makes more than twice the amount that "Redman" could.

I was really happy with the result. The consistency of the jelly was purrrfect! I thought that it might be too watery and less firm... but hey, this was great! Apparently Konnyaku jellies aid digestion and its healthy because there is no fat. But hmm... I think the sugar content is not too low. Well, I suppose everything in moderation is good ey?

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