May 10, 2008

Baking Treats

My SIL and I have been assigned to prepare morning tea in church tomorrow, which also happens to be Mother's Day. We decided to not only bake something for morning tea, but also bake some little treats and give it to the mothers in our congregation.

SIL baked 5 different flavours of cookies - jasmine tea, coffee, chocolate, black sesame, lemon & lime, while I baked some little cupcakes, inspired from the pretty cupcakes that I see in my recipe book.

Daisy cupcakes: From the recipe book (left) & the result of my effort (right)

Custard apple cupcakes: From the recipe book (left) & the result of my effort (right)

It was not easy to replicate the pictures in the recipe book. Reason being the sizes that I made were much smaller. I had made the small 3 cm diameter sized, as supposed to the normal 7 cm diameter sized cupcakes. And so when I was decorating the daisy cupcakes, I had to be really careful and use my (clean) fingers to put everything together. As for the custard cupcakes, it was not easy too. There is a custard filling in the centre of the cake, and so I had to put a layer of cake mix, top it with a custard filling and top it with another layer of cake mix. Finally I have to top it with small slices of apple. After it is baked, a dash of cinnamon sugar is sprinkled on the top of the cakes.

Together with the yummy cookies made by SIL, we put together 19 bags of such above (cookies at the bottom and cupcakes on top). The number was 19 because I only had 19 of those cookie bags that I brought over from Singapore (bought from Phoon Huat). Our English congregation only has a few mothers in our midst (thankfully! :p). 19 should be more than enough to go around. It was quite a tiring effort and I spent most of my day making them yesterday. However it was really quite fun and brings quite a lot of satisfaction having seen the end product, although I think I can improve on the decor of the cupcakes. I would probably need another occasion to motivate me to make them the next time!

In addition to that, I also made 2 other batches of cupcakes (above) for morning tea tomorrow. SIL also baked extra cookies for morning tea. Notice that the cupcakes are different. These are improvised from the daisy cupcakes recipe. I added rainbow rice sugar on top of the cakes instead of the chocolate beans and marshmallows. And I had added cocoa powder for the second batch and also topped it with crushed Flakes.

Lastly I would like to present this to my dear mummy - 2 heart-shaped cakes =)

To my dear mummy: 母亲节快乐!原主赐福给你。我不能亲自送这蛋糕给你。但我会带你把它吃掉! (HAPPY MUMMY'S DAY! May the Lord bless you. I cannot really give you the cakes in person but I shall eat it on your behalf!) :p

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