August 14, 2007

How My Day Typically Looks

Life's still been pretty much the same... I mean, I'm not working and have not been working for the past 2.5 months. I realised that I can get down to be pretty lazy to begin work again... or perhaps, I've just been accustomed to the Aussie lifestyle? :p

W's parents have travelled to another city in Australia for a few days. Being a free-loafer in the house, I thought that I should contribute in same ways like cooking, doing housework and the like. I wake up early (about 7am) and gets tired about 11pm even with a nap in the afternoon. I would make lunch, prepare breakfast, feed the fish, water the garden, wash the clothes, hang out the clothes, wash the dishes, do tiny weeny bit of gardening work, prepare dinner, send/pick W from work.

Clothes dry up very fast even though its winter, due to the bright sun and dry weather. Fresh (and organic) huge lettuce and bak choy that I can just harvest and cook them to eat. This is amidst the garden-full of other produce and greens.

Just in case you start to think that I am domesticated at home (which is half true), I also blog, check emails, research/read up on info that I need to know to settle down, shop/look around at a huge shopping mall nearby (they've got shops like K Mart, Big W, Coles, Woolworths, Harvey Norman, etc.. and I haven't got enough of them! :p Am just happy to browse and not buy), meet up a few people (not too many yet), driving around to familiarise myself with the roads. Occasionally, I also watch some Korean drama dvd, compliments from Yummy Mummy. At night after dinner, I will just chill out... :)

One discipline I need to get into is to spend quality time to read the Bible and pray by myself, other than praying with W every night. Also hope to do other reading... You can pray that for me :) Also pray for me as I settle down with many other details to sort out and hoping to find work some time *soon*. Pray for us as we look into wedding preparations and more importantly, planning for our future like our house-search, etc. Thanks for praying :)

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