January 15, 2007

Ripe Old Age

My maternal grandma turned 79 years old 3 weeks ago. But according to the chinese lunar calender, she is 80 already. As sis has to travel for work and not able to be around today, my family (and its 'associates') had dinner with her last week.

Chilli crabs at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

Grandma with my family and its 'associates'

Today, 2 thirds of my mum's family gathered together to celebrate grandma's 80th birthday. My grandma has 19 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, 1 of whom is born today. My cousin chose to have Caesarean done today (I think) of some auspicious day? time? Some of my cousins, including my sis, were out of town.

Usually other than Chinese New Year, we seldom meet each other in this huge gathering... I must say that I had quite a good time catching up with some of my cousins. From a couple of conversations with my cousins and aunties, I got to realise how some of them view work, marriage, having children and raising children. Most of them are non-Christians. Only a couple of my Christian aunties were there... I think I shall blog about my thoughts on this another day...

Thank God for my grandma having able to live to 80 years old and looking like she's only 60 (don't you agree??) Thank God for preserving her life. I will continue to pray for her salvation (I haven't been very fervent about it) and attempt to share Christ with her in whatever Teochew I can speak. I heard that she has accepted Chri
st at one occasion years ago... not too sure about it. But for now, I do know that she tends to be going back to her Chinese gods. Her belief is due to traditional beliefs and not because she is a avid Buddhist or taoist. I think down in her heart, she does somewhat believe in Christ. Prayerfully one day, she can see for herself the true Saviour and Lord who love her and sacrificed for her.

Grandma with 10 grandchildren & 2 great-grandchildren

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