October 2, 2006

Taxi Talk

Early this morning, I took a cab from home to church. The morning, not-fully-awake syndrome left me half dazed. I am thinking how to perk myself up to backup sing for service and how I should sing the song item...

For a Sunday hazy morning, Taxi Uncle was very chirpy. "Good morning! Where do you want to go?" I told him where I was heading and the instructions for the route (being a driver myself, I know the best, fastest and cheapest way to get to your destination :p). Taxi Uncle replied me with a happy and delightful-sounding "Sure mdm! No problem!"

(After some distance) Taxi Uncle: 你这么早,去church吗?
Me: 是的
(I returned to my half-awake mood, thoughts drifting away...)
(Some time later, 3 minutes to my destination, uncle asked me for the exact road that I wanted to take to my destination.) Taxi Uncle: 我很熟这里
Me: 你住靠近这里?
Taxi Uncle: 哦,没有啦。我住East.
(A few seconds of pause)
Taxi Uncle: 我的孩子叫我去他们的church.今天他们的church 有xxx(name of Taiwanese singer) 和 xxx (name of Tainanese DJ working in Singapore)去那里。
Me: Uncle, 你是基督徒吗?
Taxi Uncle: 我? 我不是.我是free thinker.

(I recalled Rust's taxi incident with Mr Chua. I turned to look at the name of Taxi Uncle. Coincidentally, his surname is Chua too! Is it the same Mr Chua? There are so many people with the surname of Chua. But Rust took a cab with a "black door". Mine was a blue door ;))

Me: Uncle, 为什么你不要跟你的孩子去他们的church? 跟他们去啦!
Taxi Uncle Chua: 哎呀,我们驾taxi 的,很难说去就去的.
Me: Uncle, 我church的华文团契,今天有一个中秋节庆祝活动. 有月饼吃,还有的猜灯谜. 如果等一下大概九点你有进过这里,不妨来参加?
Taxi Uncle Chua: 很难讲... 看怎么样先... 我的孩子叫我回家载他们去.可是如果我在West, 很难go all the way下去载他们.
Me: 去啦...
回家载他们, 然后跟他们一起去church啦!

For those who don't understand our Mandarin conversation, Taxi Uncle told me that his children invited him to their church today as there were some special guests from Taiwan at their service. I suppose it is an evangelistic service... Uncle says its difficult for taxi drivers like them to decide if they can go because they have to earn a living. I invited him to my church's Mandarin Ministry's outreach event this morning where there are mooncakes, testimony sharing and fellowship but he was non-commital. I later encouraged him to go home to pick his children to send them to their church and he can go along with them too!

I soon arrived at my destination. As I was conversing with Uncle Chua, I prayed for him to have an opportunity to hear the gospel.... pray that his children will share with him and that he will be open to listen and accept Jesus Christ as His personal Saviour. Uncle Chua seems very open to the gospel, except that he was a bit hesitant of how it will affect his life and lifelihood.

One more "Mr Chua" to pray for... I was glad that I was not totally dazed out and had the opportunity to encourage Uncle Chua to attend church so that he can hear and know the gospel. Taxi conversations can be opportunities for us to share and proclaim the good news, isn't it? :)

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