August 27, 2006

Fruits and Nuts

I generally like the combination of fruits and nuts. I like chocolates with fruits and nuts. Hmm... and I like the Post cereal of almonds and cranberries :)

Haven't done this for a long time - baking! Bought 2 silicon baking trays from Crazy Clarks in Australia. I didn't quite believe that this was good because the rubbery tray looks kinda filmsy and the new tray has a layer of powdery coating on it. But in the departmental stores in Australia, they are sold for the range of A$20-40. At Crazy Clarks, I saw the regular loaf pan for A$8 and a 12-piece muffin tray for the same price! I thought this was quite good. The silicon is thick and there isn't any powdery coating so I bought both of them. I decided to use it today to bake :)

Auntie gave me a packet of walnuts. So I decided to bake a walnut cake. It happened that there were bananas at home and so I baked a banana walnut cake :) I also saw that the blueberries at the supermarket was quite reasonably priced. Decided to buy some and put into my almond cake. I am very pleased with the cakes. Especially the almond blueberry cake. This was the first time I tried adding blueberries into my cake!

I shall pose the recipes up another time. Here are the photos of my cakes! Yummy-licious!

Banana walnut cake - before and after...

Almond blueberry cake - before and after...

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