July 7, 2006

Makes Me Hungry

Read the news 2 weeks ago and there was a write-up about some locals who blogged about food and recipes. Yum! Reading the articles and looking at the photos makes me hungry!! It doesn't help that I have been hungry quite easily these few days. E.g. I was hungry at 10am yesterday. Ate a banana and felt satisfied :) 30 minutes later, I feel hungry again!! I think the enzymes in my body are superbly efficient!

Here are some blogs which were featured:

One more local site for food reviews and recipes - Wine & Dine @ AsiaOne. Came across the site when I was searching for info on some restaurant venues that I can possibly bring my doctors to this year. Try out some of the interesting recipes there! For one, the wasabi prawn recipe looks real easy to whip up!

Now, I am really hungry because its dinner time ;)

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